On 20/12/10 15:38, Ron Piggott wrote:
I am working on the query below.  It’s purpose is to manage the RSS Feed for 
the site.

The part of the query I am struggling with is:

SUM(`include_in_rss_feed`) AS current_rss_feed

What I need is the total value of *ALL* the `include_in_rss_feed` , not the 
specific row.

`include_in_rss_feed` is an integer.  It only ever has a value of 1

Well you're going to get an error with your current attempt - but you know that already I assume. You have an aggregate function (sum) but no group by clause for the outer query.

I think you're better off just having 2 queries - one with the sum() and the group by include_in_rss_feed, and one with all of your other data. I don't think combining them will be very easy.

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