I have a query on a page that used to work fine, but is now generating an

I assume that the version of php or mysql was updated on the webhost server
or something like that?

Here is the query:

select count(places_data.place_id) as areacount, boroughs.borough_name as
boroname, area.area_name as areaname, area.area_id as areaid
from places_data a 
inner join boroughs b on a.area_fid = b.area_id
inner join area c on c.borough_fid = b.borough_id
where places_data.on_off_fid = 2
" . $cat_query . "
group by c.area_name 
order by b.borough_name ASC, c.area_name ASC

And here is the error message:

Unknown column 'places_data.place_id' in 'field list'

But place_id is a field in places_data table.

Any ideas?



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