O.K., I give up.. I can't seem to find why this breaks the page to
a point where nothing gets displayed in the browser (no error reporting).

Sorry for any email line breaks:

if ($t_dataon) {
$query = "SELECT s_sitename,s_logopath,s_headinfo,s_head_moreinfo,s_rightpic_path FROM site WHERE (s_id=31) LIMIT 1";

  if ($a_r = @mysql_query($query)) {
while (list($tname, $tlogo, $thead, $tmorehead, $trpic) = mysql_fetch_row($a_r)) {
      $t_sitename = "$tname";
      $t_logopath = "$tlogo";
      $t_headinfo = "$thead";
      $t_moreheadinfo = "$tmorehead";
      $t_rpic = "$trpic";
  } else {
    // Problem with query
    print = "<!-- problem -->";

If I take it out, the page renders. Any ideas?


D Brooke

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