On Saturday, March 26, 2011, Richard Quadling wrote;

> What preferences do you all have when using SQL. Stored Procedures or
> PHP generated dynamic SQL or parameterized static SQL.

> Whichever you use how do you test them? Do you use unit testing in
> your PHP code? If so, do you also have unit code testing for the SQL
> statements (I suppose this mainly relates to SPs).

> Does using a different RDBMS make a difference to the SQL coding style
> you'd use?

Personally, I prefer to use dynamic SQL and this doesn't really change
no matter which RDBMS or programming language I use. I prefer doing it
that way because it's easier to see what I've done (I don't need to
interrogate the database to get procedure definitions, which aren't
universally available) and I find it easier to debug because echoing
"<p>$query</p>" lets me see what I'm passing to the DB.

I don't usually test SQL separately but as part of the application.
However, when debugging I often copy the echoed query and then paste
it into the CLI or other facility to check it returns what I expect.

With all that said, sometimes I have no option but use a stored
procedure. An example is where I'm inserting a new row and I need it's
PK value (e.g. LAST_INSERT_ID() in MySQL).



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