Hi Will,

Below is my final PHP code, and its working now. However this is just a
small piece of the form that I have created. In my original form I have more
then 50 fields and variables. Now I am not sure how to expand this code
having all 50 fields. Can the mail function will take that much fields?


if(isset($_POST['submit'])) // submit button clicked

$party_name = isset($_POST['party_name'])? $_POST['party_name']:null;
$contact_no = isset($_POST['contact_no'])? $_POST['contact_no']:null;
$pemail = isset($_POST['pemail'])? $_POST['pemail']:null;

$mymail = "nagendra802...@gmail.com";

 if(mail($mymail, "New contact info submitted!","Party: {$party_name}
Contact:  {$contact_no}    Email: {$pemail}"))

 echo 'Mail sent!<br />';


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