On Friday, June 3, 2011, Guru™ wrote;

> I am not a master but as per my knowledge your software which is in PHP4
> should work properly in PHP5 too.

It will provided that the scripts use none of the deprecated elements
that were dropped in PHP5. For example, $HTTP_POST_VARS, which became
deprecated in PHP4, was dropped in PHP5. To convert a PHP4 script that
uses this to PHP5 you can either do a global search and replace or
else include $HTTP_POST_VARS = $_POST at the head of the script.
BTW, $HTTP_POST_VARS isn't the only one - I'm just using it as an
example here.

Best practice also changed. For example, mysql_escape_string() became
deprecated in PHP5 and in its place the manual advises use of



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