you have no WHERE clause in your query.
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Hi Everyone

I am trying to figure out how to write a SELECT query that will give me the 
average of `bible_anagrams`.`views` starting on the date specified in 
`bible_anagrams_rss_feed`.`rss_feed_date` and the previous 6 calendar days 
(for a total of 7 days).  What I am trying to figure out is the average of 
how many times the anagrams RSS Feed were accessed between June 1st and 7th, 
June 2nd and 8th, June 3rd and 9th, etc.

- There is 1 row for each date in the table bible_anagrams_rss_feed.
I tried the following syntax, but it is giving me an overall average, not by 
the date ranges:

SELECT AVG(`bible_anagrams`.`views`) AS average_views FROM `bible_anagrams` 
INNER JOIN `bible_anagrams_rss_feed` ON `bible_anagrams`.`reference` = 
`bible_anagrams_rss_feed`.`bible_anagrams_reference` ORDER BY 
`bible_anagrams_rss_feed`.`rss_feed_date` DESC LIMIT 7

I am wanting the query I am asking help for to be included as one of the 
mySQL results, where I have indicated "AVERAGE VIEWS QUERY HERE" (although 
if there is a better way I am opening to learning it):

SELECT `bible_anagrams_rss_feed`.`rss_feed_date` , 
`bible_anagrams`.`reference`, `bible_anagrams`.`bible_anagram_word` , 
`bible_anagrams`.`views` ,



) AS average_views

FROM `bible_anagrams_rss_feed` INNER JOIN `bible_anagrams` ON 
`bible_anagrams`.`reference` = 
ORDER BY `bible_anagrams_rss_feed`.`rss_feed_date` DESC

Thanks for helping me,


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