On Jun 30, 2011, at 9:57 PM, Guruâ„¢ wrote:
I have a question about php-mysql. Is it possible that I can have 2
different fields in a mysql table, and when a user fill out the form for the first time the input goes to first field and when the second user fill out the form the input goes to 2nd field. For example: Lets say I have 2 fields called $name1 and $name2. Now when 1st user input the data it goes to $name1 and then when the second user input the data it should check if the $name2 is NULL and if yes then the data goes to $name2 otherwise it should again
start with $name1.

I'm sure it is quite possible. I am assuming these are independent transactions, i.e, they don't happen simultaneously? (If there is a chance they may happen simultaneously, you'll need to implement record locking.)

You'll want to do this with MySQL's GET_LOCK and RELEASE_LOCK so you can do both a lookup to see if $name1 is set and if it's not set it before another process comes along which may try to do the same thing. Also, not sure what happens when person 3 comes along?

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