Arno Kuhl wrote:
> Not strictly a php issue but it's for a php app, hope that counts 
> (plus I haven't had much joy googling this)
> I have a table with an id and a parentid.
> If it's a top-level record the parentid is 0, otherwise it points to 
> another record, and if that record isn't a top-level record its 
> parentid points to another record, etc (a linked list).
> Is there a single select that will return the complete list of parentids?
> Or do I have to iterate selecting each parent record while parentid>  
> 0 and build the list entry by entry?

Little difficult to answer what you don't say what you are using as a
Recursive queries are now possible on many databases, except I think for
I run this type of query all the time on Firebird and Postgres now supports
the same CTE functions.

Lester Caine - G8HFL

I'm currently using MySQL but I'll switch databases if there's a compelling
reason and no drawbacks.
Thanks for the lead, I'm googling recursive queries.


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