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> Hi Jim. Only one linked list of parentids. No siblings.
> Multiple records can have the same parentid, but that doesn't play a role.

Okay.  So you want only one 'family tree' at any given time, and a tree is a 
straight line, ie, it has no branches.

Sounds to me like a loop surrounding a query that seeks out a specific id 
which is continually re-evaluated from the last-read record's parentid.  As 
each query result is obtained (one record), the pair of keys is saved in an 

Curiousity has me asking - what are the contents of these records that such 
a structure works?  To me, this 'parentid' sounds like a foreign key, which 
is usually used to read a separate table in a normalized db.    Your 
response that "multiple records can have the same parentid" is the same as a 
"1-M" relationship, which implies the need for normalization.  Apparently 
your situation has normalized everything(?) into one table. 

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