I took some PHP/MySQL code that seemed to be working fine from a LAMP setup and brought it to a MAMP (mac OS) setup. Now I am seeing a cache-like behavior in my admin forms, where my last changes don't "stick".

To be clearer, I go to make a database change in the forms I built to administer the MySQL db, hit submit, then check the results on the public side. All is fine at this point. The changes are there. However, I decide to adjust something and go to make another edit, however, my admin form shows the prior data.. not the last edits.

Checking via command-line the edits are there, and if in and out of the edit page a few times, the last edits finally appear.

Anyway, I've only built a couple MySQL driven sites so far, and haven't gotten all the way through my O'reilly MySQL book yet, but I thought I'd see if this kind of thing rang a bell with anyone.

If I had to make a blind guess, I'd guess a config issue (either PHP or MySQL), as I don't remember this behavior in the LAMP setup.

TIA for your comments.


D Brooke

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