Shouldn't you "execute" the query first, and then "bind_result" ??

In the php doc (http://jp2.php.net/manual/fr/mysqli-stmt.bind-result.php) the example is done this way...

Hope this helps,


Le 25/08/2011 13:04, Stuart Milne a écrit :
Hi there

Getting a weird issue with MySQLi fetch when using bound variables.

First of all here is some example code.


$pID = 0;
$recordID = 0;

if ($stmt = $dbObj->prepare('SELECT `id`, name FROM MYTABLE WHERE id = ?)

  if ($stmt->bind_param('i', $pID))
  if ($stmt->bind_result($recordID, $name)
  if ($stmt->execute())



Now I initialize the $recordID variable to 0;

The SELECT statement then does a SELECT where id = 0; In my table there is no 
record with the id of 0;

Also notice that in my bind_result i am binding the the result into the 
$recordID variable.

Now this is where it gets weird for me. On some versions of PHP and MYSQl the 
$recordID variable is still set to 0 but on other versions of PHP mYSQL the 
$recordID seems to be overwritten and set to NULL from the fetch.

Any ideas as to why these differences are occurring.

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