Many thanks for the explaination.

Is there a good book, or site to look at to learn this Object oriented variable way of working?

Is it a cleaner way to work? Or does it over complicate things?

On 29/08/2011 14:53, Amit Tandon wrote:
Dear Gevin

I believe, u wish to understand about $this->...

Actually this is object oriented way of writing the variable. Here "this" is a key word and refers to the "this" instance of the object.

In simpler words if 2 different sessions are calling this line, then each will pass on the value of "reffer" variable it has stored.

In non object syntax it would be written as
header("Location: ". $referrer)

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On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 4:33 PM, Gavin Chalkley < <>> wrote:


    I appreciate what it does and understand the redirect.

    What I am more refering to is the manner to which it is written

    On 29/08/2011 12:02,
    <> wrote:

        It's redirect script on php. Cmiiw

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        Afternoon all.

        I am learning the base php at the moment and have come across
        that has the following examples:

        "|header("Location: ".$this->referrer);"

        Could someone point me in a direction to learn about this osrt
        of thing?

        Or could some explain?

        Best regards,


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