In Oracle (and maybe others) you can use

select case
when answer=1
then trivia_answer_1
when answer=2
then trivia_answer_2
when answer=3
then trivia_answer_3
when answer=4
then trivia_answer_4
else null
end answer
from bible_trivia_table

You can select all of them and process in PHP, should not be too hard to
come up with a couple of lines of code to display only 1 variable  based on
the value of variable 5. Overhead should be pretty minimal as well
You'll be writing something to display a value anyway

Jack van Zanen

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On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 6:24 AM, Ron Piggott <ron.pigg...@actsministries.org
> wrote:

> In my Bible_Trivia table I have the columns
> `trivia_answer_1`, `trivia_answer_2`, `trivia_answer_3`, `trivia_answer_4`,
> `answer`
> `answer` is an integer always with a value of 1 to 4. Is there a way to use
> the value of `answer` to only select the correct trivia answer?
> This doesn’t work, but this is the idea I am trying to achieve:
> SELECT `trivia_answer_`answer`` FROM `Bible_trivia`
> Thanks in advance,
> Ron
> www.TheVerseOfTheDay.info <http://www.theverseoftheday.info/>

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