On 8 November 2011 18:31, Ron Piggott <ron.pigg...@actsministries.org> wrote:
> What is the preferred method used to export mySQL to Excel within the context 
> of PHP?  I have looked on Google and found a wide variety of options.  Ron
> Ron Piggott

If the mysql server is set to allow remote access, then you could use
ODBC and Excel to grab the data directly.

Alternatively, if you have SSH or some sort of tunnelling capability,
then with the tunnel in place, it would look like a local connection
and again, ODBC with Excel could be your answer.

I use NaviCat Lite to connect to mysql servers running inside Amazon's
cloud services.

I also Putty to create the tunnel and map the connection to allow the
GoodData client to gather data from the mysql server for further
reporting at GoodData.

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