On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 10:58 PM, Dan Rowe <d...@dracosplace.com> wrote:
> Hey Matijn,
> Thanks for the tip. We did send it there the day we submitted it, so its
> good to know we were on the right track. Unfortunately it didn't gain any
> traction or any status updates on the bug tracker.
> Figured I would send to this list in case it was more applicable to the user
> base and now that we have had it in production for a while.

I don't think most users here know how to compile PHP from source,
which is required for your patch to be applied.

> One of those things where the time invested in trying to get it
> integrated/accepted is more then the actual development time for such a
> small patch :)
> Thanks again,
> -Dan

That's not very uncommon for open source projects, but you really
shouldn't give up on it.


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