Dear all,
I'm announcing LIXA (LIbre XA a libre, free and open source implementation 
of the XA and TX specifications) reached the beta test stage.
TX specification is related to C language programming and I think now it's time 
implement the modules necessary to use it from higher level languages like PHP.
I do think the addition of XA features to the LAMP stack will greatly enhance 
usage of the LAMP stack and will shorten the distance between JEE stack and
I'm suggesting all the interested people to take a look to LIXA documentation:
and to LIXA SourceForge site:

I'm not a PHP developer and I think I will not be able to develop:
- a module for TX API (tx_open, tx_begin, tx_commit, tx_rollback, etc...)
- the necessary patches to integrate the TX module with PostgreSQL, MySQL,
  Oracle and DB2 modules
but I would be very happy to collaborate with anybody want to develop them.
I guess my best effort is in supporting and improving the LIXA technology 
There is a LIXA mailing list too:
if someone prefer a different discussion place.

I hope this initiative will be considered interesting.

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