David McGlone wrote:
I started with PHP just before PHP5 was finally released, so never used PHP4,
>  and found ADOdb very early on so have never used anything else. One gets 
>  in one's way when something simply works ... Probably why I'm finding PDO 
such a
>  backwards step having been spoilt by the transparent cross db support ADOdb
>  provides. I only use Firebird in production, but pulling stuff from other 
>  sources is a doddle nowadays.
Sadly this is true. quite a few times already I've thought about just
going back to PEAR. It doesn't have much to do with the code itself,
it's more of that "at home" feel.

I also have these thoughts that if PEAR went belly up, so could ADOdb.
Scary thought indeed. :-/

I do my own mods to ADOdb ;) So it does not bother me, certainly a LOT less than having to cope with all the 'improvements' in PHP itself!

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