> Hey,
> I am working on the application, thought its not OOP currently, I plan to
> take it further in a year or so.
> Right now, I have 4 access levels which define what the users can do on the
> application.
> Based on the access levels defined, a session varialble is set called
> $_SESSION['authtype'], and this defines what are the links shown to the
> user.
> so basically the session authtype, defines what links are shown to the
> users, now i am thinking that if a user comes to know of a link whihc he
> does not have
> access to, he / she can put that in the url and try to gain access, what i
> feel is there should be some check on each of the page for the access and
> if the acess
> criteria is not met, then the user should be sent back to him home page
> view.
> Any ideas on what the best way is to implement something like this? Any
> help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Vinay

Hi Vinay

If you are already checking your $_SESSION['authtype'] var, to know whether or 
not to display certain links.. then you can just add the same kind of checking 
at the top of any code that should be reserved for a certain level of user.  If 
someone without proper access has hacked the URL then just redirect to your 
login page, or whatever you want to do to the intruders.

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