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I know that this topic only vaguely relates to this mailing list, but I 
thought I'd start here.  If anyone has a better location for me to look at 
for this information, please feel free to tell me.

Okay, here's my scenario.  We are an IBM POWER7 shop and have several 
instances of Apache running on our POWER7 for customer information lookup, 
part ordering, etc.  What I am attempting to do is setup a web server as a 
virtual machine in Fedora 16 as a front-end to all of these servers to 
perform the following tasks:
- centralized access to all of the sites - a table of contents/central 
- a server that, when the POWER7 is down for backup and/or maintenance, it 
can provide a 'Temporarily Out Of Service' message to any users attempting 
to access these sites with a message of 'The system is down for (whatever 
the reason).  It will be back up by (time).'
- Another development/deployment platform other than our POWER7 for 
testing/learning/etc. since setting up a virtual host on Apache under 
Linux means that it is something that I can do instead of involving our 
POWER7 administrator since he is as busy as I am

Here is what I have done so far.  I've got the Apache running on the 
Fedora 16 box no problem.  I'm getting good phpinfo() results, so all good 
there.  I'm trying to follow IBM's instructions for getting DB2 drivers 
using the following sites:
Setting up the PHP environment on Linux or UNIX -
which lead me to this page to get the IBM Data Server Driver Package 
mentioned in bullet point three
Download initial Version 10.1 clients and drivers -
which I did download and that page sent me to here:
Installing IBM Data Server Driver Package (Linux and UNIX) -
where, after reading this page, I attempted to run the installDSDriver 
which apparently requires ksh to be installed to run so I downloaded and 
installed the ksh package.
Now, at this point, I will freely admit that I am not 100% sure what is 
meant by step #3 on this page:  For the Java and ODBC/CLI drivers (which 
it says are needed for the PHP drivers), uncompress the driver file into 
your chosen install directory on the target machine.
It's the verbage of 'chosen install directory' that is throwing me.
So, in an effort to move ahead and get the ODBC/CLI drivers loaded, I went 
on to this page:
Installing the IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI -
At this point, I read these instructions which seemed to confuse me even 
more since I wasn't working with a DB2 Version 9 cd at all and thought I'd 
post to this list to see if anyone has any suggestions/recommendations.

In an effort to answer some questions in advance, here's some things that 
I can offer:
Why am I using Fedora 16?
We are an electronics manufacturing company and that is what my 
Engineering department uses for their development purposes.  I am not 
married to using Fedora 16 - I have been working with Engineering a lot in 
the last several months performing virtualizations of several Linux boxes 
so in an effort to be of better assistance to them, I decided to start 
this project using Fedora and have learned a lot.
Am I open to other linux distros?
Sure.  You've got another suggestion, please throw it my way.  I'm MORE 
than willing to listen
What are the specs of the Fedora box I'm using?
It's a Dell desktop, x64 with 8 Gig of RAM and a 2.8 (I'm pretty sure) GHz 
processor.  It's got a 2TB hard drive, but I doubt that'll matter

If anyone would like any additional clarification/details or does have any 
recommendations, please feel free to e-mail me directly as I do only get 
this list in its digest form.

Thanks in advance,
Charles Buege

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