Hi Everyone

When I login to PayPal a total of 3 web pages are used:

1 – A screen for the user to type in their user name & password
2 – A screen saying “ Logging in “*
3 – My Welcome / Personalized Account Summary Screen

* During the 2nd web page my PHP script is going to be accessing the mySQL 
database to check the login credentials.  

- I would like to know how this is done
- I would like to know how to re-direct the user to a “incorrect password” 
screen if this is the case
- I would like to know how to re-direct to a “security question” screen as a 
secondary step for those users who want this additional security (such as what 
I am offered through my online banking sign in process)

I don’t know what an effective search query is on Google.  I don’t mind (nor 
will I take offense) on being directed to a tutorial.  I want to ensure what I 
am putting into production is high quality and not hap hazard.

Thank you for any help you are able to provide me with.

Ron Piggott


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