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erosenb...@hygeiabiomedical.com> wrote:
> Dear List -
> I feel, and correct me if I am wrong, that a list as this or similar,
> should be devoted to help and not sarcasm.  I try to be quiet and to not
> "toot my horn", but as events have progressed, I feel I must.
> <<>>
> Ethan

First of all, Professors and PhD students get paid, we don't. There are
plenty of people that want to spends hours and hours with your PHP problems
if they get paid.
Second, the amount of questions on this list you ask are higher than
Third, you have been given quite a lot tips on how to learn PHP better, how
to learn other things, including tips on how to make it easier for us to
answer your questions by providing better information your questions. But
somehow you seem to ignore those.

My third point is maybe the most important one. We all try to help, but if
the person asking questions does not take the effort to make it easier for
the ones that help (voluntary!), it's not worth the effort. You might have
noticed that I simply ignore the questions you ask, because of this.

- Matijn

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