Many thanks for this great advice!  Definitely worth keeping and putting into 
practice!  Any way to write cleaner and more concise code is always worth 

Best regards,


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> I appreciate the replies I've received already; thanks!  Sorry for not 
> catching my simple errors before sending out that message.

No worries, no one I have met yet begins life knowing this stuff!

If you don't mind, Robert, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of concepts 
that might make your way easier:

1) Don't Repeat Yourself, aka DRY -- in writing code, it sometimes seems easier 
to just cut and paste something over and over again with a couple of minor 
tweaks. However, if you find you have to change something structurally (like 
that form!), having the change in one place is so much simpler.

2) Think in functions, procedures, and modules. It's sometimes very easy when 
starting out to just write everything in one straight, linear flow. Going along 
with #1, using functions to handle the reduced repetition should help a lot.

If I can give a simple example, you have a whole swath of lines dealing with 
pulling things out of $_POST that look almost exactly the same, save for the 

$fields = ['authorid','lname','fname','mname','email','institution',

foreach ($fields as $field) {
  if (isset($_POST[$field])) $$field =
mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_POST[$field]); }

If you notice the '$$field' thing in the middle there, it's a Variable 
Variable, which is described in:

It might look advanced, but most every language has some form of indirection 
like that. Makes the above operation really nice and short. You said you've 
been around the block a couple of times in other languages and scripts (and if 
your photo is accurate, we're probably of an age!) so I hope you'll take this 
as just trying to help a person get a leg up.

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