On 5/15/2013 12:32 PM, Charlie Lewis wrote:
I have a bookseller database list read into a PHP array with dimensions
[row][field]. There are 32 fields in each record/row and up to 500 records.

What is the neatest way to sort the array by any of the fields, such as
author or title?

I know I should just search for a manual on this, but could anybody give me
a quick start?



Sure you can sort this array, but you'd have to write your own I think. Why not just order a query and use those results instead of an array?

A query should process pretty fast on almost any system. Are you in need of such instantaneous response that you thought of going to an array?

You could have this query:

$q = "select author,title,year,media ... from books_table order by '$sortkey'"

where $sortkey can be a desired field name chosen by the user. Could be a multi-fieldname sortkey as well. Could be run as an ajax request if need be too.

So many better ways of doing this than an array IMHO.

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