Hi, Andrew!  

On Mon, 8 Jul 2013 11:17:14 -0400, andrew.jar...@gmail.com (Andrew
Jarcho) wrote:

>1) You're not stupid

Let's hope.  :-D  

>2) You're not too old to accomplish what you want to accomplish.
>A couple of good books (preferably fairly short ones) by people who
>know what they're talking about *and* know how to write should
>help a great deal.''

That's what I'm hoping.  :-)  

>Like you, I cut my programming teeth in BASIC stored on cassette
>tape. My php skills are out of date, (probably of the same vintage
>as yours), or I'd be able to recommend specific titles. I'm sure the
>good people here can help you out with that.

The most memorable part of that was -- first, I thought once it ran
the way I wanted, it was *really* neet!  Secondly -- I didn't realize
it *had* to be stored on cassette tape -- and I thought how lame is
THAT?!  LOL!  --  so I lost the first go-round.  Was much easier the
second time.  :-D

>I began studying programming seriously an about age 45. I'm 60
>now and always learning new things. OOP is not rocket science
>(until you begin programming rockets); and I've had enough
>exposure to mysqli and PDO and all the rest of the stuff you
>mentioned to know they're learnable too.

I'm thinking my rocket programming days are probably going to have to
wait for my next life.  :-D  At this point, I'll just be happy when my
converted queries are no longer a barf-fest for the poor server.  :-D

>Learning new and challenging stuff *should* make your head hurt,
>sometimes. (Not your eyes bleed, though; you might want to
>check that out :-) ). IMO, it's worth the temporary suffering for
>the joy it brings when it all starts to make sense.

Well, it does keep one from being able to read the error messages
clearly.  :-D  

There is a certain sense of satisfaction when it *does* work -- okay,
a lot of "I'm the Queen of the WORLD!" happy dancing when it does work
LOL!  I'm just not used to feeling this . . . stupid.  :-D  Having
gone from "read it, do it, move on" to "read it, do it, read it, read
it, do it, read it again, read something else . . ."  Well, you know.

>So, to make a long story a headache (as my father used to say),
>being past 50 does change the *way* you learn. But it doesn't
>rob you of the *ability* to learn. Get a couple of good books.
>Give yourself a break. Take a day off now and then. And keep
>in mind the fable of the old bull and the young bull.

I like your Dad's saying -- tired of using "to make a long story
long."  I think I'll steal that.  :-D  And the old bull definitely had
a bead on things!  


Thanks for the feedback, Andrew.  Very much appreciated -- and the
giggles were handy, too.  :-)

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