This question is totally out of scope for this mailing list. It has nothing to do with databases at all.

Also, you should _almost never_ use 0777 for permissions.
You probably want 0644. (Owner can read/write, all others can read.)

Regarding your question in general, it sounds like you are running this on a Windows environment. I can't personally speak to whether chmod() works well in that environment or not (I would never run a windows server or dev environment for that matter), but I suspect it may not be working as expected based on what you are describing, especially if you are using an older version of PHP.

I would be willing to further help you diagnose the problem (others may be as well), but I really think this does not belong on this mailing list and, as such, those discussions should be held off-list.

FYI, I think the appropriate forum for this question would be either the "General user list" or, if you are indeed using Windows, the "Windows PHP users list":


On 08/20/2013 08:39 AM, Emiliano Boragina wrote:
Hello everyone,
I try to use chmod 0777, but the JPG file in my localhost I cant view.
I must enter in the windows properties of the JPG file, add the user with
full permission, and them i can view it.
I use this:
What's wrong?
Thanks. Emiliano

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