Vinay Kannan wrote:
Jim, I know this is a stupid question to be asking this far into PHP
Development, maybe was a bit lazy, or just got too used to Notepad++, which
editor for PHP are you using? The feature which you mentioned for a good
php editor, sounds exciting, offcourse i would be looking only at the free

There are a number of options for highlighting and error checking just about every language. Running Linux most of them are free ;) gedit and kwrite highlight automatically and help identify problems. In the past I've been running on both linux and windows so something cross platform was essential, and it's still nice when I do have to worry about windows sites. Eclipse provides that base, and while PDT is the official plugin for PHP, I'm back on the older PHPEclipse as it fits much better with the way I work. With properly commented libraries it provides pop-up crib sheets onthe parameters for a selected function, and of cause the auto complete can be configured to match your preferred way of working ... I'm still on tabs for indenting

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