Hi all,

We really seem to have a problem:

We have an old server running PHP4 and a Solid database 3.0.
That combination still works fine after so many years.  Unfortunately the 
hardware it's running on starts to let us down. On quite short notice we need 
to have a stable solution.

We hired someone to try and put it all on a VPS going to an updated OS, Apache 
and also to PHP5.
Everything fine, but he doesn't seem to get the Solid ODBC driver (2.5) going 
with PHP5.
Given the complexity of the system (in PHP and Perl) we need to stay on Solid 
3.0 for now (later on we will try and move over to e.g. MySQL).

Does anyone have any experience with getting a legacy Solid db to work with 
PHP5 under Debian (7)?
Or any tips/tricks regarding that?
For now it seems the odbc driver cannot be compiled due to incompatible pointer 



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