On Nov 10, 2013, at 10:26 AM, Ron Piggott <ron.pigg...@actsministries.org> 

> I normally use the following code to convert between time zones.  But I don’t 
> know how to calculate what time it is in GMT time zone when it is midnight in 
> the users time zone X days ago, or midnight on November 1st 2013 in the users 
> time zone.

The time zone offset will always be the same, regardless of what day it is…

Let’s say the user is in US CST, the offset to GMT/UTC is always 6 hours. If 
the prior date lies within the local DST designation, you can still use that 
info, in which the offset will be 5 hours. The major glitch happens during the 
midnight before switching to/from DST, but that’s just a special case.
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