I'm trying to help a friend who is hosting his domain with the same company that I use. I've been using this company for several years and have used a certain 'connection' script all the time. Part of it looks like this:

$uid = "uid";
$pswd = "pswd";
        $mysql = new PDO($host,$uid,$pswd,$db_options);

So - when I tried to provide this template to my friend (who is new to all of this) we went thru days of emails trying to make sure everything was setup correctly but could never get a connection using the above code. Finally last night, after reviewing how my 'old' mysql interface connection worked, I experimented with the above changing my host= from my domain name to simply 'localhost'. Voila - it worked for him. It also worked for my site.

Here's my question: What would make by friend's account not work when referencing a true domain name in the host= attribute? I'm assuming that our (shared) provider is setting up his many accounts & servers the same way, but I could be wrong. And of course, I don't have a clue about what makes any of this work - I simply follow instructions/guidance I get from manuals and searches until I get things to work. That's how I got his account to finally work, but I'd love to have an idea why it now does.

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