On 13/09/14 11:40, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
> Hope this message finds you well. Quick question about MySQLi and PHP.
> I have a website that was built back in 2012 that is still on PHP 5.2 and 
> MySQL 
> and I am wanting to update it to PHP 5.7 with MySQLi without headaches.
> I am dreading this like a spoonful of molasses. Is there any sugar remedy for 
> this medicine 
> or do I just grow a pair and take it?

Well a few problems 5ere ...
PHP5.2 had already been shelved at end of 2010, but I know why it was
probably used 2 years later. I'm STILL running 5.2 on servers as the
time needed to convert those sites is just not available and can't be
justified cost wise :(

> Any MySQL => MySQLi converters out there?
> Any PHP5.2 => PHP 5.7 cheat sheets?
> If I update my server to PHP 5.7 is everything going to break? Or stupid 
> question of course it is?
PHP5.7 will not be around any time soon, PHP5.6 has just been released.
But converting from 5.2 all the way to 5.6 is not something that is easy
to do. I'm still only moving 5.2 to 5.4 at presnt.

http://php.net/manual/en/migration53.php and
http://php.net/manual/en/migration54.php is the starting point, but
things depricated in 5.3 were removed in 5.4 so if you are using any of
those methods then they need removing. You can switch the later PHP
servers to ignore e_strict warning/errors, but this is the major problem
area. and really the only way to move forward is clear all of those
problems before moving forward. Unless you caa ensure your server will
always be switched bak to a compatible mode of working.

And all that before even looking at MySQL ... I've never used it, so
hopefully someone else will cover that side.

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