Windows 7 SP1; php 5.3.29; Apache 2.4.9; MySQL 5.6.17

$isr = mysql_unbuffered_query ( $is, $link_id );
if ($isr === false) {
if ($isr) {
$booking_id = '';
while ( $isv = mysql_fetch_assoc ( $isr ) ) {
$result ['id'] = $isv ['id'];

Second time through this loop I get the following error:

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): 40 is not a valid MySQL result resource in
C:\Users\Mark Murphy\whiworkspace\spur\cron\import_bookings.php on line 89

Problem is that for the resource, the type is changed to Unknown by a
different mysql_query within the loop. Any idea what will cause this?

When the statement works, the debug value for $isr is resource id='40'
type='mysql result'.
When the statement fails, the debug value if resource id='40' type='Unknown'

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