Been a while since I've had a concerted hacker attempt, but over night
this has appeared in the logs.

'sort_mode' => 'last_modified_desc\' and(/**/sElEcT 1
/**/fRoM(/**/sElEcT count(*),/**/cOnCaT((/**/sElEcT(/**/sElEcT
/**/fRoM information_schema./**/tAbLeS /**/lImIt 0,1),floor(rand(0)*2))x
/**/fRoM information_schema./**/tAbLeS /**/gRoUp/**/bY x)a)

Does not get anywhere since 'sort_mode' gets filtered in this case to
LAST_MODIFIED DESC and the trash gets ignored. Presume this is some
MySQL hack attempt ( bit lost on Firebird anyway ;) ) but the question
as usual is it malicious in the content of MySQL, or just fishing?

In my case it just white screens anyway so I don't know why they keep
trying to send the same style of url thousands of times?

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