Hello All,
Hoping someone can help me with this query.

I want to select some custom fields from my database that are part of a group 
of custom fields.
There are several of these groups. I want to (in one sql statement) grab these 
fields, all of them
and have them grouped in the results like so.

$custom_fields = array(
        'Group1' => array(
                'field_ID' => '1', 
                'field_name' => 'myAddressField',
                'filed_slug' => 'my-address-field'
        'Group2' => array(
                'field_ID' => '2', 
                'field_name' => 'myCityField',
                'filed_slug' => 'my-city-field'
        'Group3' => array(
                'field_ID' => '3', 
                'field_name' => 'myStateField',
                'filed_slug' => 'my-state-field'

Here is the clincher... not all the info is in the same table.
This is what I am doing currently and it works, however I would like to 
eliminate calling the database in a foreach loop as well as multiple times to 
get my results.


$FieldGroups = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT DISTINCT Field_Group FROM 

foreach($FieldGroups as $i=>$FieldGroup) {
        $field_group = stripslashes_deep($FieldGroup->Field_Group);

        $SQL = "SELECT ft.*, mt.* 
                        FROM ". table_name1." ft 
                        LEFT JOIN ". table_name2." mt 
                        ON mt.Field_ID = ft.Field_ID 
                        WHERE ft.Field_Group='%s' AND mt.Page_ID=%d AND 
                        ORDER BY ft.Field_ID ASC";                              
        $Fields = $wpdb->get_results($wpdb->prepare($SQL, $field_group, 
$Page_ID, $display));

[end code]

How can I combine these into one query that fills the result array the way 
described above?
I thought of a SELECT inside a SELECT, but my php foo is a little under trained 
at the moment.
Not sure how to do such and achieve the results I am after. Any help would be 



Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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