Hi I am new to this list, not sure how active this list is but i have a
question regarding php-sqlite integration. I am using a string variable
where I put the column name and trying to use that varible to get its
value, in a loop. So here is what I have (simplified version):

$strIndex='\'' . $columns[$i] . '\'';  //strIndex has the value :
'decoderUserGUID'  (including quotes)
$result = $db->query('select * from DecoderUser');
while ($entries = $result->fetchArray())

So if I print $value, I get nothing. But if i print
$entries['decoderUserGUID'] I get the correct value. If I print $strIndex,
I get 'decoderUserGUID' (including the quotes). How can I solve this
mistery.. whats hapenning here , Anybody have any idea?



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