I have some problems with my PHP script that utilizes the BCDIV function,
and I was hoping some of you could be so kind as to help me solve it.
I am sorry for writing in English, but I am afraid my German is not too good
so this is the best alternative. You may reply in German if you like, but I
would prefer it in English. Thank you all in advance.

To the problem: I use BCDIV to divide a string to a integer constant and it
works great, unless the string is no more than 14 digits...
I have tried to do an echo between each operation to see what happens, and
then I discovered that BCDIV returned, much to my dismay, a double. Based
upon further use of the value BCDIV returns I have made some calculations,
but when BCDIV returned a double with "+E**" at the end the calculations
I have recreated the piece of my code that I am talking about, and I hope it
be more enlightening than my explenations.

function user_func($input_string) {
    $new_string = "";
    $temp_string = "";

    while($input_string) {
        $div_string = 0;
        $div_string = (string) (bcdiv($input_string, 100) * 100);
        $temp_string = bcsub($input_string, $div_string);
        $int_input = bcdiv($input_string, 100);
        $new_string .= call_user_func("string_manip", $temp_string);

    return $new_string;

This should return a 2 digit value removed from the end of $input_string,
but when the problem arises it returns a "0". Everything else works
perfectly though, even if the problem occurs.

I hope that there are somebody out there that know what the problem is
caused by, or can help me in any other way. I would like to thank you all in

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