Well, this would be probably completely useless (at least I 
can't think of a meaningful use of this right now), but... is 
there a reason this can't be implemented in PHP? I know, time 
is a very precious commodity, and I wouldn't ask (or suggest) 
for an implementation of this if it would require extra work 
besides making pre- and post- increment / decrement in one 
statement. But if allowing ++$i++ (which I definitely consider 
useful) makes ++$i-- possible without additional effort, why 
disable it? It's possible to write completely useless junk 
software without this feature too.

Lack of knowledge of C prevents me from going to try and do 
this myself.

At 21:51 9.1. 2001, Hartmut Holzgraefe wrote the following:
>Cynic wrote:
>> At 21:16 9.1. 2001, Andrei Zmievski wrote the following:
>> >What color is the sky on your planet? :)
>> I don't know, haven't checked for some time now. :)
>> But seriously: I'm not familiar with C, nor the way this stuff
>> is implemented in PHP, however, whether the sky here is blue or
>> pink doesn't mean I think this wouldn't be useful.
>and what's next?
>++$i-- ???
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