Internet/Web Page Design Training University
is seeking Commercial Web Design Specialists NOW!
Earn BIG $$$ while you learn!
Affordable Training From Home-New Internet Career!

We all are looking for better income AND personal freedom,
features that a "web based" internet business career can deliver!

What makes training with our institution the answer?
1) To begin with, a 1600 student track record and growing daily.
2) Hundreds of successful graduates earning in Internet activities now.
3) $100's of Dollars of FREE Trial Software
4) Career assistance and placement help just for the asking.
5) Conditional Money Back Guarantee!
6) Affordable and/or Subsidized Tuition (earn while you learn)
7) An enjoyable interactive, self-paced, self-taught, at-home system!
8) Teaches you how to effectively create high paying web sites quickly
9) Our University instructors become "Personal Trainers".

Our dynamic "Quick Start" trademarked program can teach you how
to build professional results-oriented commercial web sites
in hours instead of days!

Students receive a package including fully functional,
all-inclusive software for use in the class, along with essential
trialware and freeware added to enhance your education experience.
This package alone, has an estimated retail value to the student
of hundreds of dollars!  This allows our students to learn without
investing large amounts of cash.

Guaranteed placement assistance is part of the total philosophy too!
Students successfully finishing this intense, hands-on training
will be guaranteed assistance on THREE levels in finding
work and employment for which they can be compensated for!

Our Student Advisors can put you in touch with dozens and dozens of
satisfied graduates who are glad to tell of their Design School
experiences and their new careers or part time lucrative businesses!

Call and see if you would qualify for a government grant for our school!

We point with pride to a few of our graduates
(ask for more examples from admissions):

Mark Mentzer says:
"When I enrolled at The University I had little skills
in the web process. Now six months later they are providing
me with site work where I have earned from $400-$1000
in a 2-4 day period!  I've built a valuable portfolio that
I can market to potential clients or employees.  This school
was a big break for me."

Jennifer Den Adel said:
"The staff at The University has been great.
In fact, I started out as an intern, and through this
past year I've found flexible hours, an invaluable
work experience, and the ability to earn a great income.
The School has opened the doors for me!"

Paul Luecke mentioned:
"With the fantastic program at this school, I was able to pay for
my training in about two weeks worth of work for their clients!
To learn this skill was great....but to have a program where the
University basically paid me to learn was unbelievable!"

After your graduation you also receive FREE Web Hosting Space
to display your work, AND, as your client base begins to soar,
we will provide graduates with ADDITIONAL HOSTING SPACE
FOR YOUR CLIENTS at next-to-cost pricing! This is a direct profit
center for YOU, the web designer, resulting from your clients
monthly fees paid directly to you, for hosting their sites.

Think it through...
If you develop your own clientele and you net just $50 a\ month
from your hosting fees, 20 clients would bring you an
additional $1000 a month in hosting fees alone!  Now you see
why, as a Commercial Web Design Specialist...THERE ARE NO LIMITS!

Our staff of Student Counselors and Advisors will help to properly
structure your proposed curriculum, and answer any questions you
may have when your call is returned.

(So we may continue to maintain our highest level of service,
class size will be limited each session, to better serve motivated
prospective students.)

To speak with the Admissions Office about your needs and whether
you are the student we are looking for, please phone the following
number and leave the outlined responses shown below.


>>>>>>>>> Call (303) 215-3062 <<<<<<<<<<<<
When you call we will need:
Your Full Name
Your Phone Number for the Interview
Best Weekday to Contact You
Your E-Mail Address

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