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Bug Type: Dynamic loading
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Please try the latest CVS snapshot from as there
have been a few fixes related to this bug.


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[2001-01-04 08:08:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Have you tried reducing the configure options to minumum?
If not please do and then add the other options one by
one until the problem raises it's ugly head again.
Remember to delete config.cache after every configure.

And please send me the config.log you get when it doesn't



[2001-01-03 12:23:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Got same problem under Linux with Apache 1.3.14

Here is my configure command:


Following WORKAROUND does work on my system.

- remove the config.cache file
- call configure without the sablotron option
- call configure with the sablotron options (don not touch config.cache)
- make; make install

Now it works, don't know why


[2000-10-13 13:38:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've had quite a few problems getting PHP 4.0.3 and sablot going at the same time on 
Solaris, using gcc 2.95.2.

My configure line:
./configure --enable-track-vars --with-apxs=/opt/apache-1.3.12/bin/apxs --enable-xml 
--without-mysql  --enable-debug --with-sablot

Sablotron I downloaded and compiled from source (0.44),
with its builtin Expat, and installed it in /usr/local. 

First problem was DL_UNLOAD reference, which I solved by putting
#define HAVE_LIBDL 1 in php_config.h

Second was this, when trying to start Apache:

Cannot load /opt/apache-1.3.12/libexec/ into server: 
/opt/apache-1.3.12/bin/httpd: fatal: relocation error: file 
/usr/local/lib/ symbol __builtin_new: referenced symbol not found

I suspected this was because was not linked against the stdc++ library. 
 But statically linking in stdc++ did not solve the problem. 

Any ideas?

I'm not subscribed to the list, please CC me on replies.



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