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does 4.0.4 still crash?

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[2000-11-23 08:22:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Before in php verr. 3 and IB v.5 everything was ok.
Now when i'm using IB ver. 6  I can only select data form database. 
I'm using php with Apache server
Operation like UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE crashes php.
I tried this with gds32.dll from IB ver. 6 and yours (with instalation package a 
little bit older) 

my changes with php.ini (from php.ini.dist) file is only path dir to extensions and 
enable InterBase.

Error log from apache:
[Thu Nov 23 14:03:59 2000] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: 

What is wrong?
Does php work with IB 6?


Full Bug description available at:

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