ID: 7202
Updated by: cynic
Status: Closed
Bug Type: PWS related
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err, should've probably been $HTTP_POST_VARS['username']

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[2001-01-12 07:40:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
if you used php.ini-optimized, the variable will be in $HTTP_GET_VARS['username']. if 
this doesn't help, reopen the bug report, and append a short script reproducing the 


[2000-10-14 00:43:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have just installed the PHP403 version on my machine.The PHP4isapi.dll is in 
d:PHP403sapi.Under the PWS configuration Console,I have configured the php4isapi.dll 
to service files with .php extension.Then I tried the Userform.html sample that posts 
the user name to a processform.php page and displays the username.

The problem is that the $username is always blank... (username is the name of the 
input box in userform.html)


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