ID: 5181
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Suspended
Status: Closed
Old-Bug Type: Installation problem
Bug Type: *General Issues
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This should be fixed now. Please try PHP 4.0.4pl1.


Previous Comments:

[2000-08-02 12:13:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
please wait, none of the suggested changes
seem to be applied ... lets just suspend it for now


[2000-08-01 22:59:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
no feedback, closed


[2000-06-28 05:06:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please chekc the latest version - does it work now?


[2000-06-21 23:09:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
As others have reported, setting --enable-discard-path does not allow PHP to run 
properly in CGI mode.  This simple script will fail when hit through a Web server:


<?php echo "Hello, world."; ?>

producing a "No input file specified" error.

There seem to be three bugs in the file sapi/cgi/cgi_main.c that cause this.  (At 
least, when I fixed these things, it worked).  I'll now reveal what is probably my 
ignorance of the code by pointing them out.

The problems are all in the init_request_info() function.  Specifically,

1.  ~Line 252.  script_filename is set to getenv("SCRIPT_FILENAME") rather than 
getenv("SCRIPT_NAME").  Maybe SCRIPT_FILENAME is a newer variant I haven't heard of, 
but our servers have always used SCRIPT_NAME.

2.  ~Line 278.  If DISCARD_PATH is set and script_filename is available, 
SG(request_info).path_translated should be set to the concatenation of 
getenv("DOCUMENT_ROOT") and script_filename, not just script_filename.  Otherwise, 
when php_fopen_primary_script() tries to open it it will bomb, because it doesn't have 
the full path.

3.  ~Line 290.  For some reason, irrespective of the previous DISCARD_PATH section, 
SG(request_info).path_translated is set to NULL.  This will clobber the script name 
when discard path is enabled.  As far as I can tell this line should simply be 

Hope that's useful to someone. :) 


Full Bug description available at:

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