At 23:59 11.01.2001 +0200, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>PHP 4.0.4 patchlevel 1 has been released.  This version fixes a few 
>party-crashing bugs that were found in PHP 4.0.4, and two security problem 
>that was found in the Apache module of all versions of PHP 4.0.  While the 
>danger of being vulnerable to the security problems that were found is 
>low, all users of PHP 4.0.x that use PHP alongside Apache are encouraged 
>to upgrade to PHP 4.0.4pl1.
>The new version can be downloaded from 

i uploaded a package at
maybe phil can up it when he's uploading the installer, i'm out of karma :)


daniel beulshausen - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
using php on windows?

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