At 20:15 12.1. 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote the following:
>At 19:32 12/1/2001, Cynic wrote:
>>A quick one: is PHP supposed to recognize named constants in
>>php_value error_reporting, or is it a bug?
>No, it's a feature of the php.ini parser - it's not supported by the Apache module 
>php_value directives...

Well, that's surely pitty, because the advantage of named error level
constants is gone.

>>If it's supposed to take only integer values, why do the
>>numbers differ from the 'usual' stuff (php.ini)?
>What do you mean?  They're not supposed to be different.

I'll check again... Ah, I got mistaken because only lists error 
levels up to E_NOTICE, sans the named constants. So I guess 
it's rather a docu prob.

Sorry for false alarm.


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