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until 4.0.4 incl. phpinfo() reported 'php.ini' (i. e. the filename without path) on 
windows. are you sure the files weren't read? could you try with a more recent version 
(4.0.4pl1 optimally)?

also note, though this may be of little relevance, that at least with win32 Apache, 
php.ini is read properly from %windir% or the directory where Apache.exe resides 
regardless whether php4ts.dll is in the Apache directory or %windir%/system32.

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-14 10:19:08] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I now found the way to get it work (CGI-version):

The php.ini is only parsed, when php4ts.dll resides in %windir%/system32 AND php.ini 
in %windir%.
When I add the php directory to the PATH, php works with all files there, but the 
ini-File will not get parsed, neither in the php directory nor in %windir%. I also 
tried to set PHPRC accordingly, but it didn't work.

I think there must be a bug in the application when it tries to find php.ini. Perhaps 
one could change the windows install instructions (php4ts.dll MUST be copied to 
system32 not only to somewhere in the PATH)

I can't do it myself because I'm still not good enough... sorry.

Thank you


[2000-11-06 19:05:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I can't get PHP4 to parse the php.ini file on two NT4/IIS-systems, one with CGI, one 
with ISAPI. 
I tried with php.ini in %windir% and in the php directory, but when calling phpinfo() 
I always get the default values. 
There are no duplicate php.ini files on both systems. I always stopped and restarted 
IIS on the command line when I've tried another configuration. I also tried to set the 
PHPRC environment variable to the correct path.

I wonder why phpinfo() says 

Configuration File (php.ini) Path : php.ini 

instead of c:winntphp.ini? 

On my local system with NT/Apache everything works perfectly. 

When scanning the web I found lots of messages describing a similar problem. None of 
the answers suited my problem. I'm neither a PHP pro nor a beginner. 

Thanks in advance for an answer. 


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