At 14:21 13/1/2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:
>     Shouldn't php.ini entries overwrite defaults and become the
>     master value?


>     That is what happens currently: php.ini entries are applied
>     using zend_alter_ini_entry(), and the default value is stored
>     in orig_value.  On the next request shutdown,
>     zend_deactivate() calls zend_ini_deactive() which in turn
>     overwrites the php.ini entry with orig_value.

register_ini_entries(), which is the service function that modules use to 
register their entries, doesn't use alter_ini_entry().  It checks the 
configuration hash (=php.ini) for a default value.  If it exists, it uses 
it as the default value (it doesn't use alter_ini_entry()), if it doesn't - 
it uses the built-in default.

I looked at the actual code, and apparently, there's a useless call to 
alter_ini_entry() in the php.ini reader.  Since the INI entries have not 
yet been registered (register_ini_entries() has not been called yet), 
alter_ini_entry() fails at this point.  This doesn't change what I said in 
the previous paragraph though - it should still work.


Zeev Suraski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CTO &  co-founder, Zend Technologies Ltd.

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