i'd appreciate this feature very much (perhaps many others also will)...

in most of my setups (about 10 servers) i need to compile both versions and
keeping apache module and command line php setup in sync is somewhat hard
and sometimes problematic ;)


> I was wondering if there's currently any way to compile up
> both the CGI version, and the Apache DSO in a single compile?
> Looking at the autoconf stuff implies that there isn't, since
> there's a single PHP_SAPI variable that defaults to cgi.
> Is there any interest in this changing?  With the rise of PEAR,
> it's more and more important to provide a binary, and I'd like
> to install it by default on the OpenBSD port.  However, it seems
> a bit wasteful to require two compilations, when the vast majority
> of what is compiling stays the same.

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