ID: 8639
Updated by: venaas
Old-Status: Assigned
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Assigned To: venaas

I've made some changes, fixed a bug and added more detailed
error reporting. Could you try the latest code, either from CVS
or I'm interested in the contents of
$http_response_header and any error messages you get.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-10 15:15:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The problem could be that fopen() currently doesn't support HTTP
redirects. Could you try to do


right after the fopen() call? If the header is a redirect, try to do
fopen() with the new location. If not we'll have to investigate further.
It would be useful to know what $http_response_header contains



[2001-01-10 10:49:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It seems that :
# (with all vars correct)
always return true (at least with 4.0.4) ?!
Is it because it's a picture ?
Didn't test it with an html file though ...


Full Bug description available at:

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