Zeev Suraski wrote...
> I haven't looked into this patch, but can't this be done using the chunked 
> output buffering support?  A 4KB buffer should be much more efficient than 
> compressing each and every separate piece of output...  The chunked output 
> buffering support made it into 4.0.4, although it's untested, and 
> ob_gzhandler() wasn't yet updated to take advantage of it.

I was unaware of chunked output.  I have now read the code.  I like
the idea for very high data throughput servers.  I'm not sure it will
make much difference in a compression situation.  The CPU consumed
doing compression is so much larger than the cost of the extra
function calls that the compression time will strongly dominate.

I believe chunking will work out-of-the-box with my compression patch,
if there is someway to do the chunking with the standard output
handler.  I didn't see one but can imagine how to add one.  (Allow a 0
for the handler argument in the two argument form of ob_start(), use
that to indicate the standard handler).  If you like I will add this
and collect some performance data.

I believe ob_gzhandler will need a major rework to use chunking.  The
trick is that ob_gzhandler puts the header and trailer on the content
all in one call.  If it is going to be called many times for the same
request then it needs to know which is the first (easy) and which is
the last (needs new mechanisms elsewhere in php).  Proper flushing
also requires other hooks in both the compression and I think the
chunking code.

After ob_gzhandler has done this it will be turned into the same 
thing as my version of the compression patch. :-)  I've got an NT
capable version of the patch finished (I didn't know about when to
use OLS_FETCH()) it also now handles zero length writes (deflate()
returns an error on those which must be ignored or avoided).  It is
in formal testing as part of a delivered system this week.  I'll
resubmit a refined version after it passes.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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