Hi everyone,

I think i've got a very good start on this program.  It acts as a isapi
server, loading php4_isapi.dll, starting several threads, and feeding
them files to process.  It can use either a list of files, or the phpt
test files from the source distribution, in which case it will privide
an OK or FAIL for each test, and totals at the end.  I wrote the program
to provide a consistent way to test the isapi dll in a multithreaded
fashion, without having to run/debug it via IIS (which we all know can
be a pain).  So far, things seem good, though some tests did fail. 
There is also a zend_debug_output_string function call that always stops
a debug compile in it's tracks.  Anyway, I hope other win developers
will find use in this program to help get isapi rolling as a production
possibility.  One note, CompareFile() will choke on large test files
because I've been lazy and used CStrings.  Stresstest is located in cvs
under the sapi\isapi\stresstest directory.

Shane Caraveo

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